PLAN WITH ME – August Bullet Journal



Bullet Journaling has easily become one of my favorite hobbies and best stress relievers! I have always been a planner and journal person, so when I came upon the idea of a “BUJO” I was completely entranced. The ease of only having one journal to collect all of my thoughts AND schedule my hectic life in drew me in instantly. I officially began bullet journaling in January of 2018, but for the first few months my spreads were very basic and hastily put together. Since then, I’ve learned and taught myself a few tips and tricks to up my ante and create some fairly well put together spreads (with definite room for improvement, but hey, isn’t that the best part of life – growth?). I am by no means an artist or “professional,” but I have so much fun pulling inspiration from everyday objects & interactions for these layouts! I hope you enjoy a peek into my August spreads!



I’ve been unintentionally sticking to a floral theme for the past few months. This month I was inspired to recreate a daisy cover page! I love incorporating a “month at a glance” area into each monthly spread mainly because it helps me keep important dates and goals for the month all in one easily accessible place that I reference daily.



Another spread I’ve been loving and making sure to incorporate into every month is a budget tracker! The first month I decided to try one I was completely blown away by what I was actually spending most of my money on (obvi lots of food and coffee lol). It was such a major eye opener that I decided this was a spread I needed in my life to be able to adult correctly (or attempt to). This is by far the best layout I’ve used; it keeps me on track with what I’ve purchased over the month and fully organized in the process!



Another layout I always include is a habit tracker paired with a motivational/personal growth page. I have switched these designs and pages up monthly to pertain to how I am feeling and/or what I want to accomplish in the corresponding month. This months tracker is very minimal; I recreated the cutest idea Caitlin of “Cailtin’s Corner” on YouTube showcased. To keep it easy I decided to track only my water intake, walking my cute lil’ puppy, reading, and cleaning my house. For this specific tracker each circle represents a day – for each day I complete the task I will fill it in to indicate the completion. Also, this motivational page was PERFECT because I have a pretty busy month coming up and definitely need to stay on track with everything I need to accomplish!



The last and maybe most important layout for the month are the weekly spreads! I have tried soooo many layouts for my weekly spreads, but seem to work better with vertical daily layouts rather than horizontal. I have been loving incorporating a “mindfulness” tracker into my spreads where I can track my workout and other healthy habits for the week – with room on the side to note anything I observed of myself throughout each day. I’ve learned that I personally NEED a “thoughts and ideas” section to quickly jot down any fleeting thought (whether good or bad) to sort through at the end of the week. The “To Do” and “Next Week” section have been coming and going, but mostly sticking around – obvi to help keep me on track and get tasks done or schedule them for the next week. I of COURSE have to add in a quote section too; this may even be my favorite part! I love surfing Pinterest to find the perfect motivational/inspirational quote for the week that I think will be the most relevant to how I am feeling.

So there you have it folks! My August Plan With Me – Bullet Journal style! I had so much fun creating this, and hope you had just as much fun delving into my chaotic brain and seeing how I attempt to sort through my life.


with all the love and positive vibrations sent your way,

takayl, bona fide

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