Alright y’all let’s get real, waking up early has never been a “forte” of mine. When I was in high school I would calculate the exact time I needed in the morning to get ready and NEVER set my alarm to go off before the necessary time. Even during my first couple years of college I made sure to schedule classes after at least 9am, otherwise I knew I would never go!

It wasn’t until I got a job where I occasionally had to be to work at 5:30am that I realized the benefits of getting up early, and reluctantly decided I wanted to change up my sleeping habits to embrace that on a regular basis. Although I am no longer at said job, I have taken the tips and tricks I adapted and picked up due to it, and applied them to my daily life. I have composed a list of my best early riser tips below; I hope they aid you in starting your early morning journey!



One of the most useful tips I have learned in order to wake up early is to plan out my morning the night prior. As a follow up to my regular night time routine I set out my outfit for the next day, whether it be work clothes, workout clothes, lounge clothes, etc. I also make sure to set up my coffee maker to start brewing automatically right around the time I plan to be up. When I smell the coffee as I hear my alarm going off I cannot wait to pour myself a cup (yes I may be obsessed with coffee, it’s fine, I’ve come to terms with it). By planning out my morning, both my night and morning routines seem extra exciting because that’s just less work I have to do when I wake up! Like seriously, I love having a scheduled and set morning to wake up to, it makes me feel like I’ve at least semi-got-my-shit-together (which is a pretty good way to start your day, tbh).


This tip is another major key *DJ Khaled voice* to waking up early. For me personally, I have found that I function the best on 7-7.5 hours of sleep. This means that when I work and need to get up at 6am, I make sure I have my booty asleep or at the least in bed by 11pm at the latest (my high school sleep calculation skills coming in clutch here). When I don’t get enough sleep I am way too groggy and cranky to be getting up early; it’s basically self sabotage for the next day if I don’t get an adequate amount of zzz’s.


This was and is one of the hardest tricks to adapt for myself. Hitting the snooze button even one time in the morning has literally been scientifically proven to make getting up harder. When your alarm initially goes off in the morning you’re usually already nearing the end of your REM sleep cycle; however, when you hit the snooze button and go back to sleep, you re-enter a REM cycle. When your alarm goes off a second time you are being awakened in the middle of that cycle instead of at the end of one; making you feel extra foggy and sleepy. This trick has truly been a life saver! If you don’t trust yourself to avoid the snooze button in the mornings there are apps like “Alarmy” (for IOS & Android!) that make it hard to not get your booty up and at ’em. This app is the best I’ve tested out and actually liked!


This may be my most favorite tip of them all. Having a morning routine that you love and actually look forward to; that can also be easily adapted to each specific day and time you have to complete it is seriously so rewarding. It’s great to add the things you love to do on a regular basis into your morning routine. One thing I look forward to every morning is sitting down with my coffee and a book and relaxing for maybe 10 or 15 minutes before I have to get ready and take on the tasks of my day. You can literally adapt your morning routine to fit your personal interests, whatever they may be; watch the news, workout, make a nice breakfast, play with your pup – anything! When you have something – if not a whole slew – to look forward to when your alarm goes off, getting out of bed is LITERALLY ten times easier!


Okay I lied before, this was probably the hardest tip to adapt personally. I have always been the type of person to sleep in on the weekends, never setting an alarm unless 100% necessary. Making myself set an alarm for Saturday’s and Sunday’s was one of the worst things to begin doing, dramatic I know.  I definitely do not get up as early on the weekends as I do the weekdays, but I do make sure to be up by 9:00 at the latest. Once I started to stay consistent and set an alarm for every day throughout the week, including weekends, I didn’t notice the difference in how early I was getting up in the mornings anymore.


This is a necessary step if you want to stay consistent and motivated in getting up early, whether you’re aiming for 4am or 10am. If you try to go balls deep *thank you Cesar for my picking up of this saying* the first week you decide to adapt this new schedule, you’re already setting yourself up for failure. If you’re used to waking up at 10am every morning, don’t start by trying to wake up at 6am every morning right off the bat; rather, start waking up at 8:30am instead. Adjust your wake up time minimally at first and gradually make your way to your desired wake up time.


Waking up early for us ordinarily night owls is definitely NOT an easy task, but in the end is sooo beneficial for your mental and physical health! I have felt so many positive effects of waking up early and been much more motivated since starting this journey. Let me know your tips and tricks to waking up early and if you’d still rather be a night owl!



with all the love and positive vibrations sent your way,

takayl, bona fide

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