15 Tips to Make Moving a Breeze


Alright ya’ll, everyone knows how much packing and moving sucks *sigh.* However, I have done it a few times in the last few years (thanks college), and compiled a list of my must do tips that I picked up along the way for an easy, breezy move!

1. Get all your info changed and/or forwarded to the new address.

Change of addresses aren’t too painful! The easiest way to get everything switched over is by filling out a change of address or forwarding address form with the post office; in Utah it only costs about $2 to do this, and definitely worth it! If you don’t have this option, here are a few key bills to make sure you get changed!

  • Utilities (usually you can do this in advance)
  • Bank, Schools, Work
  • Gym and Library Memberships
  • Drivers License, Doctor/Dentist, Voter Registration

2. Do not procrastinate! Hunt for your new home in advance.

Whether you’re buying or renting, finding the perfect place for your family takes some time. Search in advance or hire a realtor early in the game to get the ball rolling before you start stressing.

3. Save enough money in advance.

You never know what kind of expenses you’re going to run into, so make sure you are saving enough money in advance for any unexpected bills such as furniture, home repairs, extra fees, etc.f5130226-a623-436d-89dc-d576c8230cdf

4. Go through your stuff!

One of my favorite things about moving is the chance (*ahem* excuse) to de-clutter and get rid of things I don’t want or need! This is also perfect timing to evaluate things that have seen their day in the sun and may need to be re-purchased.

5. Accumulate boxes – even more than you think you need.

You can get boxes almost anywhere for FREE! Don’t go out and buy “moving boxes” from stores, instead, go to restaurants and ask them to save their boxes for you from the week! I have never gone to a business that isn’t happy to give you their used boxes. After the move, you can post them on a Facebook yard sale site for free and it’s guaranteed another fellow mover will snatch them up real quick – you don’t even need to make a recycling trip!

6. Make a moving caddy!

These are so, so handy! Put all of your cleaning supplies and minor repair essentials into a crate that is easy to move around with quick access! You can move this with you from room to room, and even house to house – SO PERFECT!

ae7a93ae-8e1f-4d3c-a113-12e18d129f96      0cc79c66-d5b4-48a7-aefa-0752d23c292d

7. Pack overnight bags for everyone, even the dog!

Packing a bag for however many days needed eliminates the fuss of going through boxes in the middle of a move – less messy and so much more organised!

8. Pack one room at a time.

The easiest way to tackle packing is by doing it one room at a time. If at all possible, give yourself ample time to get packing done. Start with rooms you won’t mind having packed away the longest, leave the kitchen and bathrooms for last!


9. Heaviest items into suitcases.

Pack your heaviest items such as books into suitcases for easier carrying.

10. Keep clothes on their hangers.

This one of my favorite tips! Keep your clothes that are hung up on their hangers and use a garbage bag over them to keep them clean during the move. When you get to your new place you can easily hang them right back up and, voila, your clothes are already unpacked!

11. Label boxes in detail.

Label your boxes with whichever room they correspond to. On the side of the box get specific with the contents, so when you’re looking for something you don’t have to rifle through all of them.

img_2023               b736d3f6-d48f-4de8-8440-86ca2f767a63.jpg

12. Inspect the new house before moving in!

This is especially true for rentals. Most rental companies have inspection sheets to fill out, but if they don’t take note and pictures for your personal records. Inspect your new place for dings in the walls, broken appliances, stains, etc. You don’t want to get charged for these things when you move out if they’re not your fault!

13. Ask for help!86ee4bd9-9508-459a-a4af-bfe80001abb5

Don’t be afraid to ask (maybe bribe) your family and friends to come help you move! You can even reward them with yummy pizza afterwards.

14. Stock up on water.

Moving is not easy, make sure you have enough cold water at both homes to fuel the movers, friends, and family.

15. Repair and clean the old place AFTER moving.

Make all of your repairs and deep clean the old place after you have everything and everyone out to avoid any deductions on your move out inspection.


with all the love and positive vibrations sent your way,

takayl, bona fide

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