BLOGtober day 1 // 50 TRUTHS ABOUT ME

In the spirit of everything Fall I decided to start a little series dubbed BLOGTOBER! In this series I will be posting once a day for the entire month of October; and what better way to start this series out than with a post all about getting to know me and who I truly am!?


  1. I am the only Takayl in the world – that I am aware of – and I love it.
  2. My mom made up my name solely because she wanted something unique (in my opinion she rocked it).
  3. If you can’t already tell by that last fact, I’m a good ol’ Utah girl.
  4. I just had a birthday on September 2nd and turned 21 years old. Whaaaaaaaaaaat!?
  5. If you haven’t already figured it out, I’m a Virgo. I’m not saying that zodiac signs predict your life, but I am saying my soul is definitely Virgo-esque.
  6. I grew up being EXTREMELY shy.
  7. I have the most incredible family in the world.
  8. I have a BIG family. Like 2 dads, a mom (obviously), siblings galore – whom I adore, and all the family that surrounds that many parents.
  9. I have a total of 5 siblings and love them more than anything.
  10. My boyfriend is the cutest, most sweetest, caring man, and I love him with my whole heart.
  11. Cesar is my first and only “official” boyfriend I’ve ever had, lol.
  12. Cesar and I have the most adorable pup in the whole world; he’s a Border Collie named Fynn.
  13. I live with my two favorite boys in Southern Utah in the most darling, cuddly apartment.
  14. My favorite color has always been pink.
  15. Pink was my first word. I don’t know if I knew suuuper early on that hotline bling was going to have a “color,” or if I knew Pink as a badass acrobatic singer, or if I just really liked the color because it always plays some sort of hugh in sunrises (I’ll have to fact check this one with momma bear).
  16. I love love love love love sunrises, sunsets, stars; basically anything to do with the sky has me completely enamored.
  17. I LOVE flowers. Really any kind of flower, but specifically, sunflowers, lilies, tulips, and lavender (even though I don’t think lavender technically counts).
  18. Not to sound dramatic, but I would die for sensational literature.
  19. I have an ongoing “to read” list that never seems to get any smaller because I keep adding to it – I ain’t even mad about it though.
  20. I have the opposite of a green thumb (a purple thumb?); I can’t even keep a cactus alive.
  21. I have a big heart, and sometimes it hurts me more than helps me.
  22. I never used to stick up for myself and what I believe in.
  23. These past few years have been the most life changing years I have ever experienced; & I would not take back any of it for the world.
  24. I’m 99.7% sure I’m addicted to coffee (not even for the “aesthetic,” like, a doctor could diagnose me as addicted I’m pretty sure).
  25. My go-to coffee order right now is a Vanilla Latte with Almond Milk
  26. If it’s not already obvious, Fall is my FAVORITE season, hands down.
  27. I love to plan.
  28. I am SO into Bullet Journaling right now.
  29. I think blogs, and social media in general, are such powerful tools and when used in the right way can be an incredibly positive influence.
  30. I love to write.
  31. I believe whole heartedly in treating people how you wish to be treated, even if they treat you less than that. Positive influences and energies attract positivity- and we can all use some of it.
  32. I hate doing my hair – if it’s done, you’ve caught me on a really good day.
  33. I LOVE organization; I literally organize or clean to blow off steam. Yes, I know, nerdy.
  34. I love to create. It makes me so happy to bring my ideas to life without fear of judgement.
  35. I am much more of an introvert than extrovert.
  36. I could watch FRIENDS a million times over and never get tired of it.
  37. I am the WORST cook, but I love to bake.
  38. A good smelling candle can get me in the perkiest of moods.
  39. I am obsessed with listening to motivational Podcasts and Ted Talks right now.
  40. I have had Mac Miller playing on a loop this month; RIP to his beautiful, poetic soul.
  41. If I’m not playing Mac, I’m listening to almost anything Indie Rock – or J Cole because I went to his concert a couple of weeks ago and the obsession is alive and well rn.
  42. When I need a quick pick-me-up I play “Problems” by Petit Biscuit – you can’t not dance when listening to it.
  43. I would eat Frozen Yogurt every day for every meal if I could.
  44. I love to take pictures. Capturing memories through pictures and videos is one of the most incredible treasures we have ever been gifted with.
  45. I feel so incredibly lucky to have the life I do.
  46. I have yet to find my passion, but I continue to work towards figuring out what it is every day.
  47. I HAVE to see the Northern Lights one day.
  48. I love experiencing different ways of life. If I could travel the world and learn about cultures, countries, people, religions, etc. forever my life would be complete.
  49. One of my greatest joys in life is seeing another person being genuinely happy.
  50. I believe that to be truly happy, you have to accept yourself in any state you are in. Self love is a powerful thing, translated across anything you do in life.


So there you have it, 50 truths about me! I want to get to know you too, so leave a comment letting me know your #1 self truth! With that I am going to leave you with one of my favorite quotes and a few fav memories.

“You are allowed to be both a masterpiece and a work in progress simultaneously.”       – Sophie Bush



with all the love and positive vibrations sent your way,

takayl, bona fide

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