BLOGtober day 2 // PHOTO DUMP


Okay, so to be completely honest I am super pumped about this post, lol. For the second day of Blogtober I am doing a photo dump of all of my favorite memories this year so far. Feast your eyes on my mundane, lovely, frantic life.


My baby boy Fynn’s first birthday! He DEVOURED his carrot cupcakes.


My cousin’s gorgeous wedding, which turned out to be a great venue for a photo shoot, lol.


Christmas in DisneyWorld. If you already think Disney is magical, you HAVE to go during the holidays; you will feel nothing but joy.. even when you have blisters the size of golf balls on your feet.



This is a kind of pat on my own back kinda memory. I worked three jobs and went to college for a little while and came out semi-slightly-alive.


The most exciting adventures with my handsome boys!


Cheering on the Jazz with my lovey.


Being approved for a new apartment for my boys and I, and taking on my blog seriously.


Beautiful mornings filled with sunrises and mouth watering breakfasts.


Last, but definitely not least, my 21st spent in Vegas with my love drinking a bit too much and swaying along to J Cole (if you ever get the chance, go to his concert, like seriously).


There you have it, my most amazing memories from this year so far. What’s your favorite memory from this year?


with all the love and positive vibrations sent your way,

takayl, bona fide

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