BLOGtober day 3 // FALL ITCH LIST


The leaves are changing color, pumpkins are popping up everywhere, sweaters are coming out of closets, latte’s are being brewed, and there’s a cozy feel to everything; it’s the best time of the year! Okay, not to sound like a cliche or “basic,” but fall is literally my FAVORITE season (why does basic have to have a negative context when something is this great tho??). I live in a very hot climate, so I don’t experience snow or any major cooling down in the Fall and Winter months unless I travel elsewhere; low-key I love this because I can drag Fall out for a few more weeks than usual, lol.

This itch list, or bucket list, is my way of making sure I enjoy the shit out of the best season of the year.


   2018 Fall Itch List

  1. Go on a Fall hike to see beautiful foliage
  2. Decorate the home for maximum coziness
  3. Carve pumpkins
  4. Bake an Apple Pie & Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies
  5. Have a Halloween themed movie marathon (pumpkin flavored snacks included)
  6. Learn how to make a latte at home
  7. Have a bonfire – S’mores included
  8. Go to a corn maze
  9. Take *cute* Fall pics
  10. Take a one-night-trip somewhere deep into the Fall trees
  11. Burn Fall scented candles
  12. Wear scarves and comfy sweaters
  13. Get a warm coffee and take a walk with Fynn
  14. Go to a Haunted House
  15. Read a scary novel


What’s on your Fall Itch List??


with all the love and positive vibrations sent your way,

takayl, bona fide

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