As I’ve raved on about before, Bullet Journaling is one of my all time favorite hobbies. I love pulling inspiration from beautiful music, people, images, and literature (shameless plug, go check out my mood board post). I had so much fun putting a Fall themed month together, it really got me in the mood to get my shit together this month, lol.

For my October cover page and monthly overview I decided to go for some Halloween type feels. I saw this style of monthly overview on Pinterest and gushed over it for hours. I like to add pops of color to an otherwise plain spread, it makes it a bit more fun in my opinion.


For my additional spread this month I paired a Blog post “Blogtober” tracker with a “goals” page. I like to switch up my additional spread every month to pertain to whatever I need to track and am pursuing at the time.


I did two different weekly spreads this month. I have loved both of these spreads and couldn’t decide which one to go with, so obviously I had to try both of them out for this busy month (really testing their limits, lol).



As you know I always add in a little quote that inspires me for the week; for every week this month I went with Fall themed quotes (because my whole life is Fall-esque right now). I also love to add little doodles to the spreads to liven them up a bit – even though I am no artist.


I realized I never shared my Bullet Journal must-haves! I like to pick a color theme and stick with it for the month (just to make my OCD calm down a bit). To add color pops my favs are the Crayola Super Tips markers and the Paper Mate Flair pens. The pencils I use are the BIC Mechanical Grip .7mm, and the basic black pen I am using at the moment is the Pilot G-2 07. And you KNOW I have to have my Tombo Correction Tape and a hand eraser because ya girl always goofs up.


There it is lovelies, my August Bullet Journal! I truly don’t know what I would do without mine; I would never get my tasks done without it. Do you use a Bullet Journal?


with all the love and positive vibrations sent your way,

takayl, bona fide

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