As the sky gets darker earlier and the air gets crispier quicker, everything Fall starts to come out of hibernation. Products and cozy ideas that have been tucked away for the warm hours of the year are being pulled from the closets and minds of people all around. Since Fall is clearly the best time of the year, there are some product and list essentials that are a MUST in my opinion to commemorate this beautiful season.


My Fall Essentials

  1. Cozy Sweaters and Cardigans
  2. A Reading List the Size of the Eiffel Tower *bonus points for having Re-Reads on your list
  3. Fall Scented Candles, everywhere
  4. All the Boots
  5. The Perfect Coffee Order (click here to see mine)
  6. Comfy Tops/Dresses with Tights
  7. A Big Umbrella
  8. Homemade Goodies (check out my fav Fall goodie recipe)
  9. Pumpkins, lots and lots of Pumpkins
  10. Warm Toned Lipsticks
  11. Thick, Fluffy Socks
  12. Vitamin C, because dis is flu season too people (this is what I take)
  13. Scarves and Droopy Sun Shades
  14. A Spooky T.V. Series to Binge (i.e. American Horror Story or PLL)
  15. A Fall Bucket List (check mine out!)


I always end up purchasing or seeking out the same types of items in the Fall months, and realized you guys NEED to experience the love of them as much as I have.

Do you tend to go back to the same types of products and ideas during differing seasons of the year, or is that just me???


with all the love and positive vibrations sent your way,

takayl, bona fide




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