BLOGtober day 23 // MY FAV APPS



Who remembers those “what’s on my phone” posts and videos that were going around like crazy a couple of years ago?? Well, I decided to do a little twist bouncing off of that phenomenon and show you guys my favorite apps of 2018!



1. Eve

I had never tracked my periods before using this app, and can I just tell you what a game changer this is!? Eve lets you track your day in daily logs monitoring mood, sex, etc. Eve also lets you know when your period is coming, which, uh YES PLEASE!


2. Smith’s

Another GAME CHANGER. I never realized how much time I spent in the grocery store until I didn’t have to go into the grocery store. This is so so sooo cool because you can grocery shop online and arrange a pickup time at the nearest store to you. SERIOUSLY!? I love the 21st century.


3. Venmo

Because who carries cash anymore? Lol, but for real, this is so awesome because you can literally pay your friends for that drink they just bought you with your phone!



4. Spotify

I literally LOVE Spotify and will never go back to a different music streaming app.


5. WordPress

I love the WordPress app because I can get to my posts and access everyone else’s so easily; and because of Blogtober I have been on this like 24/7 lol.


6. Netflix

Netflix will always be a favorite. I have an ongoing list of shows and movies I need to watch, so I assume this app will never go out of style.


7. Pinterest

This is the one Social Media app that I have been visiting continuously for the last few months. It holds so much inspiration I cannot get enough.



8. Headspace

I recently discovered this app and have been loving the contentment it brings to my life. I have never been a big meditator due to the fact that I didn’t really know where to begin; this app solves that x100! It is so much fun to explore this side of myself and find my balance.



With our electronics ever so present in our daily lives the things we keep on them is so important to keep positive. I love to fill my phone with the things and apps that make me happy so that my day is not negatively impacted by such minor things.

What is your favorite app??


with all the love and positive vibrations sent your way,

takayl, bona fide

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