Blogtober in itself is a big commitment to take on. When you have committed to this on top of everything else that life has in store for you, planning is necessary.

This is my first year participating in Blogtober, but I quickly learned that – like any other long term commitment – to succeed in this creative challenge I put myself up to I need to plan, be very organised, and prepare content in advance.


The first and most important thing to succeed in Blogtober, or any other tasking event is planning.

I implemented this little tracker into October’s spread inside my Bullet Journal, which you may have already seen in my October Bullet Journal post. I write post ideas I have planned on posting in pencil in each cooresponding days box so that if things change I can write down what I actually posted.

I then write the title in pen once I have created the post, and color in the box when the post has gone live.


For a couple of weeks in advance I was brainstorming post ideas and keeping them in my notes on my phone and writing them on a sticky note that I still have in my BUJO; I have been working off of these to implement into the series.


I also added little areas in each of my weekly spreads of my BUJO to keep myself on track with what I need to be working on each day to stay on track. There is also an area where I can mark off if I have posted for the day or not (because who doesn’t love checking things off their list!?).


I think I will have to implement this kind of organization and planning into other things I am doing like work and school, because it seriously kept me on track so well!

Do you have to plan things out like this or do you keep yourself on track using different methods? Let me know if the comments below!


with all the love and positive vibrations sent your way,

takayl, bona fide

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