Okay, so “Spring Cleaning” is probably one of the most liberating care actions one can take.. so why not make this sense of liberation happen at the end of the year too!? I’m proposing that we make “Fall De-Cluttering” just as big of a thing!

Lol, but for real, I love the excitement and self ambition that comes along with going through your home and deep cleaning everything and clearing out all of the things that are unnecessary to your every day life, or you plain and simple just don’t use anymore! I have created a de-clutter list that takes you through everything you NEED to clean out this, and every, Fall!

1. Your Closet

This is the perfect time to go through your clothes and shoes because you are pulling out your heavy duty winter gear and making room for it in your closet. Go through your everything in your closet (every season’s clothing) and throw away or donate EVERYTHING that you don’t wear or won’t continue to wear.

2. The Pantry, Fridge, and Spices

Go through all products in your pantry, fridge, and spice cupboard. Purge all of the expired, empty, or unwanted food. This is the perfect time to make a grocery list while you’re at it – kill two birds with one stone, ayy.

3. Your Linen Closet

Tear through all of the accumulated blankets, pillows, sheets, etc. that have piled up in your linen closet. Toss or preferably donate everything with holes or that is no longer used.

4. The Bathroom Drawers

Check expiration dates on products, and toss empty containers. This is also the perfect time to make a list of things you would want to re-purchase!

5. Your Mail and Files

All of my mail and paperwork starts to pile up if I’m not keeping up with filing it. Go through all of your files and mail and shred and documents that are not necessary to keep. Another great option is to scan everything onto some sort of Flashdrive – less clutter!

6. The Cleaning Cupboard

Go through all of your cleaning supplies. Assess what products you have and hevan’t used and donate the ones that are only there to take up space.

7. Literature

Go through your books, magazines, newspapers, etc. Donate or sell anything that you’ve gotten your fair share of use out of and let someone else delve into the beautiful world you have been holding onto.

8. Makeup Collection

Whether it’s big or small most everyone has some sort of makeup collection. Check the expiration dates on your products, toss anything that is empty, and keep a re-purchase list for future reference.

9. Storage

Storage in a shed, closet, under the bed, in a “junk drawer,” or at a factory always seems to pile up. Go through everything in your storage area and assess the need for keeping it.

Side Note: This is always where I end up donating most of my stuff from. I find that if I’ve let it sit in my storage for so long, there’s a pretty good chance I will never use it again.

10. Furniture and Decor

This one sort of ties into number nine. Most decor and furniture that no longer serves you purpose has made it’s way to your storage at some point, but not all.

Pro Tip: By selling your unwanted decor and furniture you will have money to buy the furniture and decor you do want!



What do you think about making Fall De-Cluttering a thing? Do you already do something like this? Let me know in the comments!!


with all the love and positive vibrations sent your way,

takayl, bona fide

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