BLOGtober day 29 // WHAT’S IN MY BAG


I have always loved these kinds of posts, so when I found the cutest, most inexpensive purse and wallet at Target I knew I had to do a post featuring them!

I try not to keep a ton of stuff in my purse at once, because if I do I would never be able to navigate through it, lol. Take a look at the minimalist version of what’s in my bag!


This cute two toned, textured purse is from Target. The gold accents are what essentially drew me in. It also has the optional over the shoulder detachable strap, along with the regular handles.


The inside is so roomy! It has two small pockets along with a larger zipper pocket; and a bonus area on the outside of the bag that magnets shut.


On a regular basis I keep my Bullet Journal, glasses case with cleaner in it, and this cute wallet in the big main pocket. The wallet opens up straight to your cards and has two separate sections for more cards, a zipper for your change, and a pocket behind your main card area for cash – literally so efficient.

In the purses zipper pocket I typically keep lip product or other makeup product I may need for each specific day, and a small container with ibuprofen in it.

My favorite lip products right now are the Nivea Cherry Lip Care balm – it has the prettiest red tint to it – and this Lip Lacquer sample I picked up from Ulta by Elizabeth Mott in the color Moxie Mauve – soooo pretty and stays in place so well – I will definitely be purchasing the regular size bottle.


In the smaller pockets I store the essentials. Feminine products, a hand mirror, some bobby pins and hair ties, and my AirPods.


Last but not least in the pocket on the outside I like to keep the things I need to access quickly, like my keys and cell phone.


Do you guys like to see these kinds of posts? I’m the kind of person that loves them so I can get ideas from other people that I might not have thought I should be carrying around on the daily!


with all the love and positive vibrations sent your way,

takayl, bona fide



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