BLOGtober day 30 // 30 WAYS TO LIFT YOUR MOOD


To be honest I have been in such a weird mood this week. All I have wanted to do is curl up in my bed and watch everything on Netflix. I had an epiphany that indulging in this dream definitely wouldn’t help me long term, rather it would tie me down with chains; keeping me in this viscous cycle of non-existence and idleness. Instead, I decided to pull myself together and compile a list of everything that makes me feel good and ways I can cheer myself up.

30 Ways to Lift Your Mood
  1. Do some yoga
  2. Listen to feel good music and dance away your feels (I’ve had this playlist on a loop)
  3. Get out into nature
  4. Cozy up and read a good book
  5. Grab a warm drink at a cute cafe
  6. Turn on an uplifting Podcast
  7. Doodle, Bullet Journal, or Draw
  8. Go on a jog or a walk
  9. Read inspirational quotes
  10. Create or add to your Dream Board (you can see the one I’ve been thriving off of this Fall here)
  11. Cuddle
  12. Count your blessings
  13. Treat yourself to a date at a new restaurant
  14. Get your girls together and grab some drinks
  15. Play/cuddle with your pup
  16. Paint your nails
  17. Do something creative
  18. Buy yourself some flowers
  19. Indulge in your favorite tub of ice cream (Sea Salt Caramel Gelato by Talenti makes my mouth water just thinking about it..)
  20. Watch your favorite cartoon (because there is nothing wrong with feeling like a kid again)
  21. Take a power nap
  22. Go on a drive and jam to your fav music
  23. Journal about what’s going on – it helps to get your thoughts down in a physical form
  24. Switch up your regular routine – try something new
  25. Do a craft
  26. PLAN! Get your life figured out (at least for the next day) on paper
  27. Talk to someone you trust and ask for some thoughtful advice
  28. Set some goals & plan out how you will accomplish them
  29. Look back on old photos and memories – reminiscing on times I cherish always makes my heart feel so full
  30. Cry. Sometimes you just need to let it all out, and there is nothing wrong with that.


I hope that one of these ideas helps you out and makes you feel that lust and sparkle for life again. If not, know that bad times pass, just hold on tight and push through whatever is weighing you down.

Let me know if you have any vibey mood boosters that I haven’t listed so I can try them out too!


with all the love and positive vibrations sent your way,

takayl, bona fide


Fynn sends his love too, xx



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